Cheer Classes / All-Star Prep Cheer / All-Star Cheer

Cheer Classes:

Cheer Classes are 1.5 hours in length and focus on Tumbling,  Jumps, Stunting, & Motion Technique. These classes serve as an introductory to cheerleading. We currently have 1 class in session per week on Monday 5:00-6:30pm.

All-Star Prep Cheer:  

Practices are 2 days per week for cheer routine and tumbling. They start off at a slower pace and have approximately four to five competitions throughout the year so they can get more comfortable competing and increase their skill level at the same time. The Rock City All-Star Prep program offers participants an opportunity to experience the excitement of All-Star Cheer with less of a time and financial commitment.

All-Star Cheer:  

Practices are 2 days per week for cheer and 1 day per week for tumbling. They start off very quickly with intense training and have several competitions throughout the year. The Rock City All-Star program develops team building, competitiveness, and individual goal setting skills within the athlete.  This is cheerleading’s version of a “Select Sport”.